How To Fetch Better Services From Your Security Company By Offering The Human Touch

How To Fetch Better Services From Your Security Company By Offering The Human Touch

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You may support the security guards working for you whom you got through the hired security service provider. This attitude to help will help you get better support and tighter security in the longer run. By asking them about how you may help, and extend the help of technologies and accessories, you may increase their efficiency way better. Just because you are hiring security does not mean that you have to treat the guards in a robotic way. You can still behave human, and treat them humanly, and receive the best of services.

The human touch to get a better service

A security company will send a guard to you, and will send a weapon too with the guard if thats deemed required. But they will not be sending a chair or stool for the guard to sit on, or a place to relax, while the guard is on duty. Certainly, that is not much supported by anyone. You would rather have invested on robotics and remote surveillance through CCTV cameras, if you had to use machines only. But the guards are very much human and not machines, and yet will perform the best for you, when they get the humanly support just like a person expects from another person. Hence, you may offer a seat outside the office, or at a convenient location, so that the guard is not on his legs all day, and never gets too tired and fatigued to run for a cause.

Just like providing a seat for sitting, you may offer other accessories like any special communication system with your co-officers and people, other than the cellular phone the guard is using by default.

You may have internal team building programs, where you may let the guards participate. You may also give them the basic necessities like food and water etc, so that they feel more inclined towards you, and gives a better service.

Offering shade while working out in the sun, through an umbrella or a security guards cap is a clever idea; which will give the message to the guards that, you believe in humanity first. If you see that they have all that is needed already from the security company you hire them from, you still may ask them in a meeting of what more support they need from you to feel better at work, and make you feel safer.

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