Which Material Should You Choose For Your Shutters

Which Material Should You Choose For Your Shutters

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When it comes to buying shutters, theres a lot to think about. First off, you have to decide whether you want your shutters inside or outside. Then you have to decide what kind of material you want. Do you want wooden shutters or do you want faux-wood shutters? Do you want hardwood shutters or do you want composite shutters? Let me help you come to a decision.

Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood shutters are definitely the most attractive option. When buying shutters, people tend to think about two things: appearance and price. Hardwood shutters rate highly in terms of appearance. They add personality to the house, making it look warm and quaint. They can be coated in a variety of sealants (wax, varnish, etc.) to give them that added gloss and painted a variety of colours, and they add great curb-appeal to your property.

Hardwood shutters are lighter than faux-wood shutters. For this reason, theyre easier to move and less likely to slump.

Hardwood shutters are durable. Hardwoods are hard (as you probably worked out from the name). They come from angiosperm treesash, oak, basswood, etcwhose wood is especially dense, therefore theyre good for shutting out light and protecting homes from the weather.

Hardwood isnt suitable for all environments. Hardwood is prone to dampness. If youre putting up shutters in a bathroom, for example, you might not want to use hardwood. They might get mouldy and accrue spores (which isnt good), and the repeated exposure to water will cause swelling of the wood, which will cause paint to chip.
Hardwood is expensive. Though better quality, youll have to pay for that quality. Hardwood tends to be more expensive than faux-wood (as youd expect). You have to decide which is more important: price or appearance.

Poly wood Shutters

Poly wood shutters are a cheap alternative to hardwood. Poly wood is s thermoplastic made to look like wood. From afar, you can hardly tell the difference.
Poly is water-resistant (hydrophobic in technical speak). This means that it wont warp. If youre living in a humid climate, or if youre putting up your shutters in a bathroom, then you should buy poly shutters.

Poly is not biodegradable, which is something to consider if buying shutters to make your house eco-friendlier.
Poly shuttersat least the cheapest onestend to be on the thin side. This means that theyre unlikely to withstand extreme weather conditions if mounted outside.

There arent as many colour options for poly wood. It cant be painted any colour you want (like hardwood).
Well there you go. Those are the two main materials to consider when buying shutters. You could also get wood composite shutters (MDF, for example), or even aluminium shutters for outside, though these might look a bit like grilles. Its really up to you. Theres a lot of choice on the market. Consult with your buyers and Im sure theyll tell you which ones are right for your respective situation. I hope thats been informative, and I wish you the best of luck in buying your shutters.

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